Sofinter S.P.A. – Macchi Div. has taken part in select Usa Investment summit 2015, joining the Italian group of representatives

SELECT USA 2015 ( ) was held in Washington DC, from March 23rd to 24, 2015. Around 2.500 participants from more than 60 countries attended the summit. US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry hosted the summit.

The SelectUSA 2015 Investment Summit brought together key players from US Government to help foreign investors learn about the diverse investment opportunities across the country. The Italian delegation was the largest one, including, among the others, Sofinter– Macchi Div., Tod’s, Faber Industrie, Fomas Group, Magnaghi Aeronautica. Our participation to the summit is another milestones we achieved to remark our interest and increased presence in the US market. We have established a subsidiary in Houston, Texas (SOFINTER LLC) and our clients have already awarded a few contracts to Sofinter – Macchi (some units are in operation, other three under completion).